Q -Do I need to be there at time of delivery? A – Yes. We will need to go over the safety rules with you, collect any remaining payment and you will need to sign Safety Agreement. Q – What methods of payment do you expect? A – Cash, Credit/Debit Card or business check (no personal checks). Q – What will I need to do before delivery? A – We will provide and set up all necessary equipment to set up equipment within 100′ of outlets. Clear the area of rocks, sticks, animal droppings, etc. Turn off irrigation system. Have any vehicles moved out of the delivery path. Mark the ground for any underground utilities or irrigation pipes (our stakes are at least 18” long). Q – Does the inflatable require an attendant? A – Yes. A trained adult attendant must supervise the inflatable at all times. We will thoroughly train you or your designated attendant how to operate the inflatable safely at the time of delivery. Q – Are inflatable units safe? A – Yes. We inspect all units after each use. We will train you on the safety rules with you as well leave you a copy to refer to. Following these rules will ensure you have a safe and fun event. Q – How much space do I need? A – All of the unit measurements are listed on our website for you to refer to. Allow at least 10 foot (more is preferable) buffer area around each unit. The inflatables must be clear of all overhead power / utility lines and tree branches. We reserve the right to refuse setup if conditions are not safe. We take pride in our clean inflatables and insist that all animal yard waste must be removed. We reserve the right to deny a rental due to unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Q – Do you deliver to parks? A – Yes. You should check to make sure power and water (if needed) are available. You must reserve the park and ensure they allow inflatables. Q – Are you licensed and insured? A – Yes. Fully Licensed, insured and safety Certified. We meet and abide by all state laws and regulations. You’ll want to make sure any inflatable provider you use is insured, inspected and has the inspection tag on their equipment. It is illegal for anyone to rent you a non-commercial grade inflatable. Q – Are the inflatable units clean? A – Yes. We pride ourselves in CLEAN, Sanitized inflatables! We want to be sure you get a quality and presentable unit that won’t spread germs and possibly diseases. We actually ask each rental customer to give us time to clean and sanitize when we come to pick up the units at the end of your rental time. Unless weather prevents us from cleaning at that time – in that case we re-inflate the unit as soon as possible and clean/sanitize before it goes to the next renter or event. Q – Do you require a deposit? A – Yes. We cannot formally reserve an inflatable without a deposit. Q – What is your cancellation policy? A – Please be kind and let us know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule or cancel. We would like the opportunity to rent it to someone else. We will call to confirm and check the weather a day or two before your event. With the exception of bad weather, all deposits are nonrefundable; however, if your rental is cancelled, the deposit may be used towards a future rental within three months of the original scheduled rental date. Q – I have well water. Can I still rent a water unit? A – As long as you have a visible water treatment system to remove any staining elements in your water. Iron in water will permanently stain our units & could cost you. Note: you can buy a temporary filtering system for your water spigot at your local hardware store. Q – Do you deliver? A – Yes. We do not allow pick up of units, we are the only ones to setup and take down our units so we can ensure proper, safe, clean set up and take down. We arrive ahead of time to ensure your rentals are ready for your start time. Q – What happens if it rains? A – Inflatable rides cannot be used during rain, lightning & thunderstorms or high winds. If it has been forecasted that there is a 40% or better chance that it might rain, you have the option to cancel anytime before the delivery process has begun. Twenty-four hour notice is preferred but notify us BEFORE our Delivery process has started. Credit, Refund or Rain checks will NOT be issued if the rental unit has been dispatched and on its way to your event location or has already been delivered, or in the event of the leased equipment not being used for any reason. Be aware that WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION IF INCLEMENT WEATHER IS IMMINENT, UP TO THE TIME OF DELIVERY! If you have any questions about our weather policy please call 304-933-2386. If a customer insists that we deliver the inflatable unit for their event when we have advised them to cancel or the forecast for rain and high winds is imminent an additional $75.00 dollars per unit will be due at time of delivery for drying charges to set-up the inflatable unit(s) at our company location to get all of the internal components of the inflatable dry (water does seep through the seams of the inflatable and gets inside the internal workings and baffles of the inflatable structure), drying off the accessible, outer surfaces of the inflatable unit does not mean it is dry, the netting on the walls will get wet and will mold if not thoroughly dried. Additionally the customer is responsible for repair charges for damaged inflatable units as the result of high winds being ignored and neglecting to deflate the inflatable, also, damage to the inflatable from allowing riders to use the inflatable when wet & slippery that can result in side webbing, vinyl, and seam stitching to be ripped or torn. In the event that it does rain during your rental period. Exit the ride, deflate the unit, cover it with a clean tarp, and stake down the corners of the cover tarp. After the rain and winds subside remove the cover tarp and re-inflate the unit. You can reenter the ride after it has completely dried. To speed up this process an adult can dry the ride with a towel. Absolutely, under no circumstances should riders enter the ride if it is raining or wet. Wet Vinyl is slippery and dangerous. In addition, if winds exceed 15 mph the unit must be exited and then deflate. Q – Do I need to provide power? A – Yes. We need a standard 110v outlet for each blower motor on its own 20amp circuit. The inflatable must be within 100 feet of an outlet. We ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlets we are utilizing. We have Generators for rent if you do not have a power supply close enough. Q – What kind of surface do I need to set it up on? A – A level, grassy area works best. We can also set-up indoors like gyms and churches if we have access. We can set up on pavement if necessary. Q – What should I expect on the day of the event? How does the process work? A – The day of your event, we will deliver and set up the unit at a prearranged time. As part of the setup, we will discuss placement options for the unit, review the rental agreement, train you as an attendant that will oversee and have responsibility of the ride, and go over any questions regarding safety, proper use, and any other topic you wish to discuss. YOU MUST BE PRESENT in order for us to setup as we need to review important safety and operating procedures with you. If payment has not already been made or a balance is outstanding, it will be due prior to setup of the unit. We accept cash, credit/debit card or business checks (no personal checks). Q– SHOPPING AROUND? Here’s what you need to know before you select a company! If you are looking at renting an inflatable there are a few things you need to ask before you select a company. -Does the company set-up the equipment and train you on the proper operation and supervision? We are trained and safety certified to provide set up to ensure everything in our power is done to provide the utmost safety. Manuevering, lifting and hauling these inflatables is quite a task as most of them weigh well over 200 pounds, Let the professionals do the work for you. -How clean are the inflatables? Ask how often the units are cleaned out! A moonwalk should be vacuumed out and completely wiped out with a clean/disinfectant after every rental. Your child deserves a clean and sanitized bounce house that doesn’t smell bad! -Is the company licensed with the State of WV and authorized to do business? You can look up the company’s name on our WV Secretary of State website to ensure you are renting from a legitimate business. Ensure you only do business with properly organized companies to ensure you receive quality equipment, service and protections. If they cut corners setting up their business, chances are they’re going to cut corners providing your inflatables and for your safety. They should have a business registration certificate as well. -Are the company’s units inspected as required by the WV Division of Labor for amusement rides (in WV inflatables fall under amusment ride law)? Each and every unit must be inspected every year before their first use. This is an added protection for you and your loved ones to ensure that the inflatables you are utilizing are not going to put you and your participants at risk due to unit being unsafe, in need of repairs, etc. You can look up your company on the WV DOL Amusement Ride Inspection list here, and each unit also has a certificate of inspection as well as a tag from the DOL placed somewhere on each unit each year. – Is the company insured? We are happy to let you see our insurance certificate at any time! You’ll want to be sure that the company you do business with is ensured just in case injuries or damage occurs. Businesses registered and inspected by the WV DOL are required to have insurance and the DOL also sets minimum standards. Jump for Joy WV provides insurance above and beyond what is required. Each unit is insured. You’ll want to make sure each unit you rent is insured as well. If any company hesitates to give you their insurance agent’s contact information so you can verify that your unit is covered, than you might want to choose a different inflatable company. An insurance certificate only shows a summary of coverage, a company doesn’t always cover each of their units so be sure to inquire to be sure you are protected. -Where are their inflatables manufactured? We pride ourselves in only providing the highest quality, AMERICAN MADE, Inflatables. Imported inflatables may copy the designs, but they usually do not come close to as good in quality. Q – How do I make a reservation? A –Give us a call (304) 933-2FUN or you can get a Request a Price Quote right here from our website.