Just some rules to follow to make sure everyone has FUN and stays safe. Injuries are certainly NO FUN. Feel free to play the quick video below for your children that will be enjoying the bounce house. Rules are also printed on the front of the bounce houses for further instructions. Even very good gymnists will find it hard and DANGEROUS to do gymnastics in the inflatables. REMEMBER GYMNASTICS ARE PROHIBITED for your safety and well being!



SAFETY FIRST : Basically the only thing that should be in or on an inflatable is your shoe-less child with nothing else in their pockets or hands. Just them, ready to bounce and have fun. These rules are for the safety of your children and must be followed precisely to ensure a FUN time with no injuries. We review safety rules/policy and give the responsible adult instructions before inflatable is installed.

  • A Mature, responsible, adult must be present at the bounce house or inflatable any time there are children near or in it.
  • Remove SHOES, EYEGLASSES, BELTS, any hair classes, or sharp hair accessories and any other sharp objects before entering inflatable.
  • CELL Phones or any other electronic device are prohibited inside the inflatable at any time!
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK in or in direct proximity of the inflatable at any time.
  • No gum, NO SILLY STRING, confetti or any other type of chemical or substance in inflatable. These items will damage the vinyl and could cost you extra money.
  • Keep animals away from the inflatable, blower and cords at ALL TIMES.
  • Keep Children away from the blower and cords at ALL TIMES.
  • No gymnastics of any kind. No somersaults, diving, wrestling, rough play, flips, no bouncing of the walls or sides of inflatable
  • Participants must play at a safe distance away from others and away from the sides and entrances.
  • Individuals who may be particularly susceptible to injury from falls, bumps, or bouncing should not use this product.
  • No smoking in or near the inflatable.
  • DO NOT jump onto or off of the inflatable.
  • EXIT IMMEDIATELY if the unit begins to lose air.
  • In case winds pick up it is IMPORTANT you evacuate people from the inflatable and immediately deflate the unit.
  • Under NO Circumstances is climbing on the exterior of the inflatable allowed.
  • Inflatable must be fully inflatable before occupied.
  • Maximum weight and participant numbers are listed on each inflatable and must be strictly adhered to.
  • Children of the same size should be allowed to bounce together to prevent smaller children from being injured.
  • Participants should be completely dry when entering and using dry units this includes their clothes and hair. If there are both wet and dry units please ensure only dry participants enter dry units for safety purposes and to avoid excess cleaning charges.
  • Evacuation in case of power failure must be quick as the unit will deflate in as little as 30 – 45 seconds. Stay alert at all times.
  • Keep bounce house units away from pools.

We are one of the only companies in WV to continue our Advanced Safety Inflatable Operations Certification every year. Safe, Clean inflatables set up properly and professionally means you can have FUN without the worry.